About Lacern

Lacern Golf Cars takes pride in creating some of the most luxurious and unique golf cars the world has ever seen. With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, Lacern Golf Cars’ founder has successfully provided golf enthusiasts the kind of golf cars that suit their tastes and needs.

We serve clients who want their golf cars to be a reflection of themselves. Some ask for fast, high-performance golf cars, while others want their golf cars to look however they want it to look. On both counts, we’re only too happy to oblige. Each golf car that comes out of our shop is built according to the specifications of our clients, which include some of the world’s most prominent CEOs and celebrities.

Our tailor-made golf cars have been figuring recently in social media, with its praises being sung by the likes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Tiger Woods Foundation, Jason Day, Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson and Dustin Johnson.

We ship these exquisitely-crafted golf cars from our base in Palm Desert, California to anywhere in the world. Contact us now and experience first-hand the luxury and craftsmanship that only we can deliver.

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